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John Ceresani

John Ceresani is a principal of The Pharos Group, LLC, an organizational development consulting firm.

John’s 26 years of practical business experience in various senior level positions in human resources is the foundation for his effective coaching, insightful solution-focused and results-driven consulting advice, as well as his engaging down to earth facilitation style. John’s coaching approach is systematic—utilizing certified assessments and in-depth interviewing techniques—while flexible and intuitive. This approach is geared toward helping clients become more self-aware of how their behaviors impact their ability to effectively lead people and achieve results.

John, along with his partner Frank, have been praised by the chief executive of a multi-billion dollar company for their understanding and ability—based on over 50 years of combined experience—for providing him practical business advice and insight while helping him build new skills to effectively lead his complex organization.

John's coaching assignments include chief human resources officers, corporate and operational VPs as well as departmental directors and managers identified as high potentials. John has facilitated numerous leadership retreats and seminars including: leadership trust; employee engagement; teambuilding; change management; performance management; talent acquisition; retention; employee and labor relations; customer service enhancement; and, respectful workplace.

Prior to becoming an executive coach, business consultant and facilitator, John was the regional senior vice president of organizational development for Caesars Entertainment, one of the world’s leading gaming companies at the time with revenues exceeding $4.5 billion. Caesars Entertainment employed over 50,000 employees, with 16,000 employed in the three properties in John’s region. John was responsible for all core human resources responsibilities for the Atlantic City region. John was also formerly employed by the Claridge Casino Hotel in Atlantic City in a number of management positions during his career there including vice president of human resources and security.

During John’s tenure with Caesars, he collaborated with organizational development colleagues in creating a “Learning Organization”, a comprehensive and creative leadership and employee development program. Caesars “Learning Organization” model earned the company recognition and inclusion in Training Magazine’s 2005 'Top 100 Worldwide Training Companies', a prestigious list that also included American Express, GE and Starbucks.

John holds a B.A. degree in political science from Kings College, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and attended Pepperdine Law School.


Frank Bellis

Frank Bellis is a principal of The Pharos Group, LLC, an organizational development consulting firm.

Frank’s practical insights on leadership that inform his consulting advice and coaching arise from three sources. First, Frank has been a corporate lawyer for 25 years working within organizations and with their leadership teams in many industries facing diverse and complex issues. Throughout his career he has reported to and advised senior leaders and boards of directors on a daily basis. Second, Frank has served as chief executive officer and president of two major corporations that employed thousands while generating hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. His most recent executive assignment was as interim chief executive officer of Norwood Promotional Products, based in Indianapolis, Indiana—the largest supplier of promotional products in the United States. Finally, Frank has served on numerous boards of directors throughout his career and currently continues such service for four companies.

As a result Frank has “been there” at every level of an organization and is uniquely suited for complex challenging assignments. Moreover, Frank understands that business executives operating in today’s high performance high velocity environments appreciate direct candid advice and coaching that focuses on behaviors that improve leadership performance. Additionally, the cornerstone of Frank’s facilitation style is his intellectual understanding of organizational behavior coupled with his multi-disciplinary common sense approach to handling the situations confronting leaders at all levels of organizations.

Frank’s assignments include coaching C-level executives from various industries on leading teams through transition, building values-driven cultures, modifying behaviors to enhance overall team effectiveness and developing strategic initiatives—all aimed at improving profitability. Frank has facilitated numerous management retreats and seminars ranging from leadership development, strategic planning and teambuilding, to ethics, generational diversity and respectful workplace.

Prior to co-founding The Pharos Group, Frank established Provinceline Associates, a firm that specialized in working with organizations in financial or management transition in diverse fields including electronics manufacturing, entertainment and energy management. In this role he collaborated with a variety of private equity firms and other financial institutions seeking investments in these and other industries.

Frank’s career in the gaming industry spanned more than ten years at the Claridge Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ where he served as chief executive officer and president having previously been senior vice president and general counsel.

Before joining the Claridge in 1992 Frank was general counsel for seven years to Inductotherm Industries, Inc., then a group of then 45 manufacturing companies headquartered in Rancocas, NJ and operating in 25 foreign countries.

Frank is a graduate of both Brown University and Seton Hall University School of Law.



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